Clay target equipment: 1 2 3

Clay target equipment

Skeet devices


  • 380/220V 50Hz, three-phases alternating current
  • enlarged magazine capacity: 400 clay targets
  • special spring for throwing distances of up to 70m
  • rerocking time approx. 3 seconds
  • three-point centering device guaranteeing absolutely accurate flight curves-splinter proof protection
Art. No.: 06002


  • Skeet circuit box with installed timer for two skeet traps
  • release between 0 and 3 seconds according to ISSF-regulations
Art. No.: 08185

Manual remote control with 3 functions

  • push buttons for high house, low house and doubles
  • cable 50m
Art. No.: 08163

Oval lamp 60 WTwo pieces per stand are requiredmps are required

Art. No.: 08159

Control cable from high house to low house

Art. No.: 08170

Accesories for Skeet devices

Coin automate

  • SPS-control for different use
Art. No.: 20800

Chip with hole

for coin-operation

Art. No.: 02374

Chip with slot

for coin-operation

Art. No.: 00629

Measuring ring with holding device

for adjusting of the correct throwing direction of the machines

Art. No.: 06020
Clay target equipment: 1 2 3

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