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Automatic Traps

Turbulence (American Trap)


  • 380V/50Hz, three-phases
  • enlarged magazine capacity: 400 clay targets
  • special spring for throwing distances of up to 70m
  • rerocking time approx. 6 sec.
  • three-point centering device guaranteeing absolutely accurate flight curves, automatic
  • turning sub-construction with 2 geared motors for vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • throwing angle vertically and horizontally adjustable
  • horizontally max. 90°, 45° to the left and to the right
  • vertically max. 1m up to 4m, measured at a distance of 10m to the trap
  • the throwing angles are in accordance with the international regulations for battery installations respectively ISSF Automatic Trap competitions
  • including manual cable release
Art. No.: 06001

Accessories for Turbulence

Phono-pull system American Trap

  • simple accoustic release device with 5 microphones
Art. No.: 06466

Coin automate

SPS-control for different use

Art. No.: 20800

Chip with hole

for coin-operation

Art. No.: 02374

Chip with slot

for coin-operation

Art. No.: 00629

Wireless release with 1 channel

Art. No.: 07547

Manual remote control

Art. No.: 07864
Automatic Traps: 1 2 3

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