SPIETH-shooting ranges-
Since over 70 years leading wordwide

In Stuttgart-Untertürkheim where, as everybody knows, world-famous cars are produced the cradle of the shooting arrangements SPIETH also stood in 1934.
The property of the Untertürkheimer sportshooters stood on granite rocks, so that the pointer trench usually could have been built only with costly sprayings at that time.

Luckily they had the Brilliant Ernst Karl Spieth in her rows, because he contrived and mounted Ernst K. Spieth his first electric-automatic target carrier with which a target carrier on wires went constantly to and fro, so that pointer trench and indicator had become superfluous.

Thus became from the hobby an occupation, because many associations soon wanted to have this new kind of shooting gallery facilities. Still during the war a branch company followed in Austria. After the war constructions and facilities followed for all new national and international competitions. In the meantime, one had also become attentive abroad and has recognised the advantages of shooting arrangements SPIETH. In 1960 with the Olypischen to plays in Rome the medallions on Spieth arrangements were determined.

The production program was extended by shooting arrangements for hunting shooting, in particular were developed fully automatic Trap-and Skeet machines by which assistant staff could be saved. SPIETH developed to the leading and only professional company of the world which could deliver everything from own production for big events. Started by shooting on
10 m-up to 300-m distance, pistol stands, running targets and clay machines, as well as special purpose facilities for the defensive shooting; everything comes from a hand. These arrangements will recently provide also with an electronic hit recognition.

In the end of 1999 the Ernst K. Spieth GmbH was integrated into the FUNK-Group and has moved into the new company building in Äpfingen in the middle of 2004.

But, therefore, we have not become high-spirited and have consulted, serve and look after the small protection association with the same care and auxiliary readiness, like the Olympia’s organizer, because we know after about half a century of practise only too exactly that associations are the roots of the shooting sport and with it the lifeline of the professional industry.

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